A woman is a woman

One can clearly say that the recent global developments – from the “Me Too” movement, to the initiatives on gender quotas, the increasing number of women finishing film schools and winning the major film awards across the globe – have all contributed to the emerging debate on redefining the very role of the women in the film industry. The debate on the women in the film industry in Southeast-Europe, even so recognized as a set of distinguished national film schools, appears to missing both the scholarly and the general public. Herein, the proposed panel sessions are envisioned as a particular prolegomenon and an eventual agenda-setter in these regards – by discussing both the aforementioned dynamics in the regional setting, juxtaposing the expert-opinions and the practitioners’ experiences, as well as the experiences from the other national and regional contexts.

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Dina Iordanova

Dina Iordanova is Professor of Global Cinema and Creative Cultures at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and Visiting Research Professor at the University of Hong Kong. Having published more than fifteen books, she is specialist on transnational film industries, film festivals and institutions. She has also written on Balkan cinema, particularly in her important monograph CINEMA OF FLAMES: BALKAN FILM, CULTURE AND THE MEDIA (BFI). She is involved in several current projects (in China/Hong Kong, South Korea and Poland) related to highlighting the work of women-filmmakers.

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Naum Trajanovski

Naum Trajanovski is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences and a researcher at the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje. He holds MA degrees in Southeastern European Studies (Graz – Belgrade - Skopje) and Nationalism Studies (Budapest). He was affiliated with the Warsaw-based European Network Remembrance and Solidarity as a project coordinator, and the international research network “COURAGE – Connecting Collections,” as an advisor and a proofreader.