Ivica Dimitrijevic

Ivica Dimitrijevic was born in 1984 in Kumanovo, Macedonia . He graduated acting at The Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje in 2007 in the class of Vlado Cvetanovski. After graduation, he started working in the National Theatre, Kumanovo and from 2012 he relocated to Skopje, as part of the Macedonian National Theater acting team. Also he has strong connections and work with the independent scene and he is a part of Franz von Strolchen collective. He is taking an active role in many of the drama plays on stage and acting in a number of movies, TV series, short films and commercials. Since 2017 together with Martin Ivanov they established independent movie production MI Film, working as a director , producer with the aim to demonopolize and initiate changes in the film making practice. Ivica is passionate about playing guitar and has been on stage with many post punk and rock and roll bands. At the moment he is actively playing with RIB and SIZ. Besides acting as his main profession, he’s been restless in other fields such as directing, art performance and social activism by co-founding a nonprofit cultural organization.