Beach Film Festival 2019

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Location: "GALEB" boat at Lake Ohrid

Opening ceremony of BFF

"GALEB" boat at Lake Ohrid

Location: Orevce Beach

Location: "Sv. Kliment Ohridski" High school

Location: "Galeb" boat at Lake Ohrid

Location: Orevce Beach

OS Short student films, 60'


Location: Orevce Beach

Closing and award ceremony

God exists, her name is Petrunija, 100'



Speaker 2

Biljana Dragicevic

JURY - Short films

Speaker 2

Jasmina Bilalovic

JURY - Short films

Speaker 2

Ivan Jovic

JURY - Short films

About the festival

The Festival of New European Film – “Beach Film Festival” (BFF) is envisioned as a multimedia and multidisciplinary event, with a primary goal to invigorate dialogue, critical reflection and action inspired by the screenings of the novel European movies. Taking place in the Republic of Macedonia, a rapidly transforming democracy and an aspiring European member-state, the BFF is both driven by the pressing societal issues and aims to offer a progressive platform for the local community.

The BFF has a tripartite structure, 1) Film, 2) Educational and 3) Multimedia sections. During the four festival days, more than 30 films will be screened within the tree thematic programs, a) Official Selection (Feature films, Short films and a Documentary Selection of Films on Human Rights), b) Beach Program (Gala proections) and c) Youth Program. The Official Selection and the Youth Program will take place in the Cultural Centre in Ohrid, while the Beach Program is planned to be performed in the external environment of the remarkable Orevče Beach on the Ohrid Lake. The three competitive programs will be selected by local and international selectors, with the “Authorship Innovation,” “Idea and Approach,” “Bridges and Connections – Europe in the Focus,” and “Human Rights in Action” as the four major criteria for both the selection and the final Festival’s awards. The educational section is projected to reflect the thematic structure of the BFF. Herein, this section is consisted of two main events. The first one is to be the two-days thematic conference on the “Film and the Education,” which will bring together a group of regional and international experts and practitioners. The conference, its thematic panels and lectures, as well as the final interactive publication, are projected to contribute towards developing a viable platform for disseminating the major BFF values – creativity, inclusivity and the promotion of human rights, and thus, to opt for a broader, cross-institutional implementation of the abovementioned set of values. The second one is a series of workshops on “Human Rights in cinema,” “New Media,” and “Engaged Photography” held by the leading regional experts. Both the conference and the workshops series will be open to public and the participation will be free of charge. Finally, the Multimedia section will consist of musical happenings, memory tour in the city of Ohrid, formal and informal discussions after the movie screenings. The BFF will take place in Ohrid, while the awarded movies, as well as certain talks, workshops and panel sessions, are projected to travel to the borderland cities in Macedonia in the aftermath of the Festival. The team would like to profit from Ohrid as the main touristic location in Macedonia and aims at filling the gap of the absence of cultural events in the city during the summer season. The publication and the happenings in the other cities are projected to occur between September and October 2018.


Beach Orevce, Ohrid


Thursday - Sunday
18-21 July

Festival Location

Beach Orevche, Ohrid

Orevce beach is small beach located around 13 km from the centre of Ohrid, at the beach complex and campground Gradishte. It is an unique place which welcomes guests from all ages, from young children to elders. At the evenings the beach becomes unique place for parties and other activities up until the early morning. During the Film festival the place will transform in unique cinema where people will get to enjoy films in a relaxed atmosphere.


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